Month of November, 2005

typo3 - full scale news posts in XML feeds

When providing XML feeds using the typo3 tt_news extension or rather using timtab to publish your blog posts, there are some issues when you try to render your complete blog posts in full length into the XML feed.

To describe the problems and help you to solve them, I wrote the article typo3 - full scale news in XML feeds.

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Visual Studio solutions - set project build order automatically

Well, I think it's about time to bring you the first technical post. So here we go:

When you combine multiple projects into one (big) solution and the different projects have dependencies between each other, you quickly go nuts, when setting the project build order or rather the project dependencies manually on the solution.

I know what you will suggest: "Just set the dependencies using project references."

You're right, but this has one major disadvantage: When using project references, you have to set these dependencies again, when combining some of the projects into another solution for example.

Yeah, I know what comes now: "You noob, no one sets an assembly reference to a project output dir!"

You're right again, but if you copy the output of your project (assembly and documentation) into a central directory, using the post build step of a project, and set an assembly folder to this directory, you get clean assembly references and a central location for your assemblies. Of course this mostly makes sense for larger development projects.

This is one reason, why I prefer direct references to the resulting project assemblies.

So, here is what you get: SetBuildOrder is a macro, which sets the project build order automatically. It was tested under Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 using C# solutions/projects.

For the source code and installation instructions please visit the complete article.

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blogging language

Some people asked me, why I am blogging in english language. Well, here comes the answer:

I plan to blog mainly about development topics. All devs should in my opinion

  • use english operating systems
  • use english development tools
  • read english development books
  • code in english
  • comment their code in english
  • etc.

So, the technical articles will always be in english.

But then, when I write articles about other things, I try to blog in english and german. Since it takes not just a small amount of time to translate every article, there maybe only the english version every now and then. But don't hesitate to ask me for the german version! I will deliver it in addition.

When you subscribe to my feed you can always choose between two languages:

If you subscribe to the german feed and there is no german translation for a specific article you will automatically receive the english version.

You can also choose the language of the whole website by selecting the appropriate language flag in the upper right corner. If a flag is grayed out, there is no such language version of the current page.

I hope for your understanding.

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GhostDoc 1.9.0 released

A colleague of mine Roland Weigelt has just released a new version of GhostDoc.

GhostDoc is a free add-in for Visual Studio that automatically generates XML documentation comments. Either by using existing documentation inherited from base classes or implemented interfaces, or by deducing comments from name and type of e.g. methods, properties or parameters.

It now supports Visual Studio 2005 and also provides experimental support for VB.Net.

If you aren't using it, give it a try! You'll love it!

Update: GhostDoc just made it into MSDN-Magazine 12/2005: Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now.

Congrats Roland!

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RSSPopper 0.32 - read your blogs in Outlook

A new Version of RSSPopper (0.32e) has just been released.

For those of you out there, who still use a standalone aggregator, or even worse use no aggregator at all, RSSPopper could be the tool you were looking for.

It's really simple to use: Just install it and you get your subscribed news feeds delivered directly into your Outlook inbox. You can specify a base folder, in which a folder for each news feed is created. You can then use all the fancy searching and organizing features, which Outlook supplies.

But wait! There's even more: The best feature in my opinion is the possibility to add a Bloglines account!

With Bloglines you don't have to sync your subscribed feeds between different machines. You also don't miss a single blog post, if you aren't online for a few days/weeks. Bloglines downloads posts from your subscribed feeds very frequently and stores then on the bloglines server until you download them using RSSPopper.

Saving the best for last: RSSPooper is Freeware. So don't wait and grab your copy today!

If you simply don't know what this "news aggregation thing" is all about, you might take a look at the related article in wikipedia.

P.S: No, I don't get any money for writing this ;) I really like this tool.

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timtab 0.5.1 has been released

Ingo Renner has just released a new version of timtab (0.5.1). timtab is a blogging extension for typo3, which I use for this blog.

He has implemented some very nice features, like a calendar for blog posts and blog counts for each category.
I was really looking forward to that! You can see the features mentioned above in action on my website.

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